Sue verses A part one

T.G.I.F! What a week! After torturous abuses from academic units like Microeconomics and Philosophy.  Finally the day is here. I’ve to kick out the whole week’s stress. Raving has always done me this favor. We are all elated to hear today’s class has bounced, the lecturer is sick and won’t make it to school. That’s great! We spend the whole day playing Fifa 15 on the large screen in my room.
The game is so involving. Sucks you into it, makes only the screen significant above all else. It’s no wonder I wish all lectures would bounce. We’ve reached semis, a knock-out stage. I hence concede to two goals as Clint foolishly hoots to the finals.
I remind these lads that it’s 3 o’clock and the time for raving is beckoning. Today Thika is our destination so we’ve to ready ourselves and set off before 5. Just then, Ken who had my phone yells then sprints to me phone in hand. I peer at the small screen. Sue, the curvaceous babe from Taita was calling. My crush was finally making a phone call to me!
I’m perplexed, paranoid- a little, but very anxious. At this moment, the dimwits in the room halt each of their individual activities and lend me their expectant attention. I mean, we all couldn’t comfort the thought of Susan calling me. So, here I am, the coward who never made known to her my so to say feelings, behaving like all along she was my virago. Truth is, bits of sweat were creeping in my armpits and the stare from my roommates made it much worse. You know that moment when the girl all your buddies have an eye on calls the fellow you least expect, not even you? Well, I was the hooligan she called.
‘Sasa George,’ she purrs into my ear piece. The feeling is that of Jameson sliding past my tongue. I tremble. My voice grows weaker, unsteady. I can’t reply. She adds, now in English, ‘George, are you there? Sasa,’ I had to man up. ‘Talk to me, nambie, sorry, how are you doing?’ I stutter, and fumble before coming up with a reply. Mind you, my roommates are still eavesdropping. She laughed. That throaty freer laugh before finally informing me that her roommate travelled to see her ailing brother and that she needs my company. That’s if I’m kind enough. Just imagine my luck.
Letting go of such an opportunity is a criminal offence. Like being part of Eurobond. By 5 o’clock, I’m ready set; in my pairs of navy-blue jeans trousers, a pair of black sneakers and a grey t-shirt.  I bid my chums as they still can’t figure out my fortune. Susan has just invited me to her place. Just before I board a mamatu to Susan’s residence, my phone rings again. It’s Miss Naomi the lecturer; whose unit I failed last semester. She orders me to her place, and insists that I should be there tonight. “You have this chance to convert this ‘Supp’ into an A.” She bursts out!


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