The ideal woman

Here are a number of what and how men would like their women to be.

1. Hugging?
I know you hot. Yes! That’s why I shirked my cousin’s graduation party last weekend, just to hang around you. Clinching every bloke in the city adds not anything to you. It really sucks to see your woman hug everybody you come by in the streets. At least not in my company. Please let me feel the Man I am. Ladies consider this. Lest you be left to these fellas.

2. Are you a binge drinker!
Clubbing is good, no one refutes that. It at least sheds off a whole week’s stress. Note though, that no man! Not even the drunk village chap, will want a woman who drinks heavily. That only reduces you to something I dare not mention here. We know you are perfect at smoking shisha! But for the sake of a future spouse, try to reduce your drug use.

3. Your circle!
Who are these friends that I see you daily with? It’s rare to find a leopard in the midst of lions. Hang around good girls and I’ll consider you a good woman. Most men will hence better date women with good associates. That’s always been a guarantee that the lady you want to tie a knot with will stay good to you.

4. Physique
Your hair is not a big deal here. Just keep it neat. Though, wigs are always disliked by a number of men. Men also like ladies who appear decent. Don’t expose ‘everything’ though. Here, it depends on the man in question. Every man has what turns them on. Each man also has the figure he would wish his woman to have.

5. Follower
This is different from being submissive. Many men won’t settle for a nod wizard. Men are not god’s, that they’ll ever be right. Your views are hence very crucial in the decisions we make. Nodding in agreement to everything a man suggests, or saying “okay” reduces you to nothing other than a slave. So how can I live with a slave dubbed a ‘wife?’ sharing your ideas makes you the woman of the house. And that’s what a man rejoices in.

Please make sure you know something. Don’t be too uninformed about everything. How will we story if the only thing you talk about are your parents and how they love you? Make an effort to know bits of things from a number of sectors. Know something in sports, music, movies, etc. with that, we can never lack something to talk about.

7. Influence
A significant number of men I’ve interacted with say, “I want a woman who will always challenge me to see to greater things”. Be that woman who will always influence your hubby. Having the courage to remind your man to accomplish your set goals makes you a better woman, ‘the woman we all want to have’. 

8. Godly
Being God-fearing gives you better chances of acquiring a good man. It’s no wonder many relationships are initiated in religious functions. The likes of keshas and crusades. So men are on the lookout for religious ladies.

9. Sense of humor
One gentleman told me this afternoon, one of the things he consider is a lady’s sense of humor. A jovial lady is all he wants. To him, that smile each morning, is enough for a good day. And an added advantage to a lady who likes jokes. She’s easy to control than the gloomy one. Also, be social.

10. Future
A lady who has something to say when asked about her future. The same way ladies want men with a bright future.. Though in this case, the man only wants to test and check whether this woman has any plans. Don’t struggle too much to convince him that your goals are achievable.


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