Sue verses A part 2

I shall not re-sit that unit! Neither shall I turn down Susan’s enthusiastic invitation. My favorite ‘nganya’, ‘The Airforce One’, closes in. It’s during such moments that prudent reasoning is always vital. What should I do? Anyway, It’s time to bid the prolonged ‘dry spell’ farewell. Sue has to take the day. The A can wait.

I hastily hop in the mat. The craving to see her permits me not to waste any minutes. The matatu speeds off before I even grab a seat. The music here is so loud, I stagger to the rear seat. Hardly settled, I spot a stretched arm towards me. Only to look up and realize it’s Miss Naomi. I’m muddled again. I fake a smile to conceal this feeling. She winks and smirks. Then whispers that she’s heading to town to collect her car. She’d taken it for repair. And that she’d like me to come along. She keeps leaning over and bothering me all through. Thank God we aren’t sharing a seat. With this speed, I’ll be meeting the Taita babe in 2 minutes time.

The driver hoots and takes us off the road. I swiftly alight to avoid queries from Miss Naomi, who is presently so engrossed in her phone. Sue is so excited at my appearance. She receives me with such a deep embrace. A hug that leaves all Team-Mafisi around perplexed. I can hear them grumble. Tears roll down my cheeks! It’s just unbelievable. I’m tongue-tied! I stutter. She grins and leads me away. The whole experience is like a dream to me. I recall the day I first interacted with her. I felt a queer heartbeat. My heart paced. She was so kind. She sounded mature. Above all, she was beautiful. She was an exact replication of a good wife, according to my late grandma. I wished she became my other half.

It’s 7 o’clock, Joseh calls to inform me that they’ve reached Thika safely. He however cannot hung up before enquiring my headway. He, just like the other fellas, still thinks it’s a prank. He apprises me that the bash is on the go. “We are watching Blood and Oil series, season 2”. That’s all he should know. I have fully gained tranquility. The man in me is now being manifested. Why did I even fear her in the first place! Through our chat, I realize she’s still the one I met a year ago. We were freshmen by then. We talk incessantly up to about 9:30, when a knock is heard at the door. Sue enquires and the voice responds, it’s me, Ann. She stares at me intently. Looks dejected. She’s gasping. Time to act a man.

Ann, the Christian union chairlady, is back! What happened to her sick brother? Why is she here? Did she forget anything that she’s come to pick? I regret not accompanying Miss Naomi to her place. How will Susan explain this to her? How will Ann perceive us afterward?  Ann comes in and is stunned at my sight. She then gives Sue a steady gaze. Sue, frightened, faces down. “Hi, I’m George. I came to check on my friend, Susan.”  She studies me for a while then, “are you born again?” that dialogue is interjected by my caller ringtone. Miss Naomi calling again.

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4 thoughts on “Sue verses A part 2

  1. Nice consistency and use of suspense….bt how on earth do you shed tears when Sue hugs you? kaa ngumu baba… at least this time hukusema ati nilikuwa nacheza fifa

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