A weekend home

The chat absorbed us. I couldn’t fancy spending a whole day there. Just to keep him, and his dear wife company. Which I had just done anyway. Darkness was setting in. yet he wasn’t fed up with me. He still wanted us to talk, talk, and talk incessantly. He then enquired how long it took me to travel from ‘Narobi’. That’s how they call Nairobi. He could not believe when I told him that my flight took one hour. He almost cursed me! I could see that from his frenzy gaze. He reminded me how they used to journey to Nairobi by bike (during their days). They could spend a couple of weeks on the way. The bikes often broke down. The whole involvement was just awesome pinning your ears back.

I prefer eras when people used to cycle to places. Folks engaged in vigorous physical activities that burnt all fatty acids whose upshot could have been obesity. That conflicts today’s sedentary lifestyle, where everyone yearns to drive, spin or fly. Just the same way I flew home last friday. That’s why the likes of my granddad are still sturdy. By the way, he’s in his early 80’s and still cultivates his shamba every morning. He says, it keeps him fit. Tell him to hire a tractor to till his orchard and you’ll turn into his lifetime foe. He executes his routine chores.

We thronged to the lake on Saturday at dawn, of course with my bandwagon. I had missed the experience of just running around and busking on the sand on the shorelines of Lake Victoria. Fishermen who had trawled overnight were now mooring. They anchored with an assortment of fish. Boats were cluttered. This experience too had been missed, I had not got hold of fresh fish since I went to Nairobi. All and sundry on the shores were elated at my sight. They too had not seen me for a while now. They ‘showered’ me with all kinds of gifts (fish). My hesitancy to receive their gifts didn’t bear any fruits. They all told me to carry some fish to Nairobi. We swum and took lots of selfies on the shores. The swimming and whirling harked back to my early life undertakings.

We trotted home at around 4 o’clock. We had so much fun. Every person we met on our way back implored me to see them at their homes. We were on again for story telling in the twilight. Wi-Fi was so strong that night. We streamed videos on YouTube and tubemate, watched instagram videos, and uploaded the videos we had taken during the day. The night was so lively. We teased.

On Sunday afternoon, I arrayed all I had to carry back in my travel bag. That was to ensure dusk did not fall in before I got ready. I had already booked a Sunday night ticket, this time I was to travel by bus. My granddad still reminded me not to neglect physical exercise. That’s why I’m set to purchase a bike before I set foot at home again. My grandma offered a lengthy supplication to God. She said she loves Nairobians so much.  And gave me chicken to give to Nairobi people.


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