Service at the Chapel

Praise and worship session has just elapsed. Grown ass men who don’t wear cologne are busy wetting their hankies. Rubbing their armpits and foreheads to wipe out sweat. This is the reason I don’t like Tukutendereza churches. Unlike protestant and modern denominations.  They never give you a chance to shake off Saturday hangovers. I mean, they don’t have vigorous praise sessions. Sessions that make you dance, jump, yell, and just enjoy. Or such sessions were introduced there? The last time I attended one I got so bored. I did not exit before the mass came to a close though. Who walks out of God’s site just that way! At least not due to boredom.

The service leader (he’s called Mark) says, “Give your neighbor a hi-five. Tell them they look beautiful.” This is also why I don’t sit next to fellow men. Now can you tell a fellow man that he looks beautiful? Hell no! So I turn to the neighbor on my left. Lucky enough, it’s a she. Thank God. And it’s true she’s beautiful. So Mark is not lying. And for some reason I start thinking that Mark is addressing me. Or maybe, the Holy Spirit is upon him. He wants me to assure this neighbor of mine that she’s pretty. So I wear a smirk. And give her the hi-five. Clear my throat, because I’ve been shouting all through. Then convey Mark’s message. 

On my right are my buddies. The two that I hang out with most often. They always use very hard and complicated English terms. I think they are pursuing a wrong course. They should have enrolled for Law. Not journalism. Hehe, they should never read this!
People have encounters in a range of places. Some in weird, while others in so to say good places. Some just meet in streets and strike up conversations instantly, some in matatus, in job interviews, in conferences and church missions, at the mess, in friends’ bashes, in clubs et al. Others like me just meet online. Via whatsapp, facebook, viber, skype. This online one is on the rise. It’s acquainted me with so many persons. A few of them being; Mercie, Maureen, Ivy, Susan, Trizar, Pam, and Shiro. These are people I’ve never met in the flesh. But we talk and chat daily. Remember how you met your bae? And the numerous times you bothered them. Until finally they had to give in, and turn up on your date? Or you don’t date these days?

Back to church. So I tell her “you look beautiful”. A blush of excitement creeps up her face. And as usual, she appreciates. I’d be happy if she too pays me a compliment. With something like ‘you look good too’. Something that bothers her the tail. I think she is mean. Or maybe I don’t look cool to her. Maybe my pink suit makes her mistake me for a Kamba. Pengine she hates Kamba men. Who knows! Or she hates pink. Girls are always sensitive to colors (I’m told).
Telling somebody that they are smart builds their esteem. Even if they really are not. It’s always good to appreciate the effort, however minimal it looks.

“Ensure you know your neighbor’s name, and ask them how their night was. Praise God!” Mark proceeds. Now tell me how such a church can lose its young congregation! Eeehn? I’m not setting this thing up! Rongai Chapel is always an exciting place to worship. Mark then introduces the speaker; Pastor Richard. Pastor preaches! You can never afford a doze. Not during his sermon. He never puts on suits on days when he anticipates to deliver the oration. They do not allow him jump and move about the pulpit loosely. And to do all his funny staff.

Preaching takes about an hour. But pastor makes it appear like it only took 10 minutes. He’s the kind of preacher that you wish he talked the whole day. Even if he took a whole week, you’ll still be okay. I think Churchill should hire him. He can deliver very nice comedy. Time for offerings flies in. I’m forced to give out 1000 bob. Eve must know how generous I am. I’ll sort out how to survive through the week. I just don’t imagine how she will perceived me, if I give a 50bob (default) to God. I think the angels are also smiling in heaven. For seeing their servant donate so generously. 

My wrist watch says it’s 1:12 pm. The service is over. Believers greet as they exit the chapel. Everybody appears cheerful. I want to know Eve in depth. And perhaps ask her a few questions. From where Mark left. I cannot spot her. She’s lost in the multitude. I blame my buddies for this. They’ve just made her slip away. By their too much sweet nothing stories. Sunday mood just spoilt. Just that way! What a bad week ahead! Allow me look for her now.

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