She just smiled part two

I sprinted back. Of course with those wrappers. Such sweet girls also contact diseases like syphilis? And why didn’t she inform me? So many questions ran in my mind. It was not time to regret though. I wondered what I would do if I got her in the room. The escalators were too slow (that day). So I dashed through the stairs. Guys looked sharp and neat and smart. In ties and bow-ties. In suits and khakis. It was a no bling day. A good number of young ladies also appeared. They had probably come to pick their brothers and brothers-in-Christ and bffs. Because it’s a males hostel.

It was Sunday. Comrades going to church. Some to the Christian Union service, some to ACK, some to Catholic, while the majority headed to these two other churches that congregate in school. Because the duo are so lively and to some sort time conscious. We all know ‘time is money’. Others like Muslims and SDAs were having good time in bed. The other lot comprises those who never attend church. I wonder how they do that. Don’t they have anything to thank God! Something like ‘thank you God for giving me life, for free.’ I’m sure the majority heading to church were fellow sinners. Going to seek forgiveness from God. For the mistakes they did the previous night.

I reached the door. And flung it. She was still coiled in bed. Beneath two bed sheets. And a duvet. I pulled the duvet off her. I’m sure she was baffled. Because I had not been violent the night before. Why just then? Her bare body hypnotized me. My intentions to confront her were thwarted. I crawled back to the chair. Sat, and gazed at my shoes (on the ground).  And wondered why she was still in bed 30 minutes to 9. Didn’t she know it was Sunday? A day set aside for worshipping! I also remembered how my friend; John, struggled with this illness. How he underwent a three months medication. And the burning sensations during urinations! And drops of urine in his trousers all the time! How he used to tell me to be careful. Never to find myself in that mess. To always use protection in case abstention failed.

Just like any other girl would do. She wrapped herself in a sheet, stood and walked towards me. I had to quickly pocket those syphilis drugs wrappings in my shorts. Cause all that time, I had clasped them in my left hand. Lucky enough, she didn’t notice that. So she came, bent over, sought support from the table behind me, stretched her arm, and reached for my shoulders. Then purred in enquiry of what was wrong. By the way men don’t cry, so I was not sobbing. Contacting an STI should never be a reason for any man’s tears.  A thought struck me. I wanted to tell her to prepare for church service. But my tongue hesitated to release it. I no longer wanted to talk of the syphilis issue. Not until I cooled down.

You see, these people are not trees or cows. That you yell at or command. Regardless of how annoyed you are. You have to be romantic. So I coiled up a story about how I love her. And how she’s the most beautiful creature on planet earth. And how God must have created her on Monday, when He still had the vigor and soil and enough time to create human beings in His image and likeness. That drew her closer. She wanted to hear more of these tales. And that’s just how women are won. They should be handled that way. Umesikia Onyi? And she was chuckling all through. So I conveyed the church message amid all the praises. She didn’t even realize that that was the main aim of all the compliments. Guess the response? We rushed to the shower. 

Our preparations took not more than half an hour. So we clad and proceeded to church. My buddies were stunned to spot my company. They didn’t reveal it though. And the service continued. The sermon was so hard on us. I to some point regretted attending church that day. It condemned fornication, drinking and so many vices. I felt guilty. I gave the ground a steady gaze throughout the sermon. My babe too. Then the time came. Those who wished to receive Christ were to raise their hands. And follow their hands (stand), and move to the dais.

I don’t exactly recall what happened. I just remember hearing myself vow. That I had decided to abide by God’s commandments. And confessed my sins. Ati I would not turn back. I denounced the devil and all his things and belongings. A loud applause from the congregation followed. Later, several Amens. I did not want to open my eyes. How would I look at my friends? Friends who knew how wicked I was. Would they believe! That for sure I had turned. Was I to break with my girlfriend? I checked my right. And there she stood. So we were both getting saved. That gave me a relief. There’s no better feeling on earth than a couple receiving Christ on the same day. On the same pulpit. Under similar circumstances. After spending a whole night sinning. I had a reason to afford a smile.

We exited church as new folks. Ready to start a new life. Reached my room. Had lunch. Then came the opportune moment to ask her the syphilis drugs issue. I recollected my mind. Composed myself. Cleared my throat. Took a deep breath. Then shot the question. “Flo, I spotted some syphilis drugs casing in the bin this morning?” she is sharp. She didn’t waste time. And she admitted. “Ata I forgot to take today’s prescription. Zilikuwa zangu

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