I miss you, Compaq

Hi cuty? I think “I miss you so much” is an understatement. You see, sometimes words hardly bring out the feelings that we have for the people we cherish. Anyway babe, my life has never been the same since you left. You are the most beautiful thing I ever met. I love your round erotic glowing eyes, I love your soft oval lips, I love your supper sweet girlish voice, babe, I love your natural scent, I love the way you calculatedly make your footsteps. Your smile turns me on sweetie. You made me understand why people say ‘the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.’ Haha babe I’m not flirting.  You are the type of  girl who loves and loves for real, a girl who doesn’t go around rubbing her buttocks on men’s crotches, a girl who understands so well how men should be treated. It’s funny how we clicked on our first ever encounter. 

I remember the day we went for swimmo in Westlands, only to reach there and realize we hadn’t packed our bikini pajamas. I miss moments when you introduced me to your friends, though sometimes I felt shy. I miss the times when we ran out of words and just stared at each other. I miss the nights when my phone rang in the middle of the night, and how I woke up grumbling and cursing the caller only to realize it was you calling, and how I turned to the left side of my bed and saw you smile at me, and how you stretched your left arm, caressed my cheeks, opened your sexy lips and said “Achman, I love you”. That was true love babe, I miss those moments. 

Babe, do you still remember the day we almost broke into a fight when you found Rose with your earphones? Hahaha, by the way you didn’t give me time to explain that incident. Let me brush through it quickly. Ok (clears throat), that day, I was ironing my clothes when my buddy knocked on my door and came in with his girlfy. Immediately after coming in, that girlfriend of his claimed she was tired hence needed a back rest. That’s how she ended up lying on my bed. Seconds later, she spotted your earphones on the table and said that they were cute.  I almost told her ‘thank you’ but then  I realized that the earphones weren’t mine, so I kept quiet. She soon picked them from the table, tucked them into her ears and resumed her position on bed. Babe, si you know how sometimes I feel too lazy that preparing the simplest meal becomes the heaviest burden? Ok, that’s the same way I felt that afternoon. So my buddy had just left for the shops to get us foodstuffs when you matched in and found Rose lying on my bed somewhat sexily (as you described it), with your cute earphones in her ears. I know it pained you so much to find her on bed with your earphones. She was just a friend’s darling.  

I remember so many things about us, babe. And how can I forget that fateful night when some guy sneaked in in the night and made away with you? How?  I know you had your weaknesses but you were just the best for me. We went through so much together; you knew bits of things about me that I couldn’t trust anyone else with. You were always there for me, babe. We spent so much time together and had many plans for our future. We almost got jailed together here when we crossed over to Uganda. 

By the way I don’t understand why the guy who handicapped you ran away with your sister (tecno H3) too. That guy robbed me of my happiness sweetie. So many things ran in my mind when I woke up to an empty room – you and your sister were missing – that morning. I thought of the many inner secrets that I had shared both with you and your sister. I hope whoever took you doesn’t mistreat you. I hope he satisfies you, babe. Though I know you don’t love him, just treat him well. Do whatever he wishes, as you used to when we were still together. I hope he doesn’t batter you, I’d be delighted if I ran into you one day and found you healthy and happy.  

Babe, our house (blog) has been dormant since you left (you and your sister). It stopped getting visitors the moment they checked in two-three times and realized that spiders had invaded our house and had made so many cobwebs, which never happened while you were around cause you always cleaned and kept our house neat. You lovely smile too kept our house flooded with visitors. Babe I’ve been lonely here since you left. I have nobody to talk to in the night. By the way I stopped going to bed naked, these days I put on a boxer through the night and to me that’s just enough (I’ll explain this once we meet). Remember we vowed never to betray or ‘play’ each other. That’s why I’ve been so hesitant to allow other girls into our house. Because they don’t know what it took us to get there, you know.  

Babe, your sudden departure must have made akina DJango, King, and so many other friends of ours think that I was suffering from a writer’s bloke. Just like I told you, my life has never been the same since you and your sister left. Your sister (tecno H3) introduced me to the Magunga, Bikozulu, Dear Doris and to many others who tried to sharpen my writings. 

Sweetie, do you recall our first ever article? Haha you don’t. It was that Christmas story that we wrote about how we used to spend Christmas day back in the village, and how fun it was. I laugh so hard when I recall our first days in writing – when drafting a 400-words post was so hectic and took us almost a whole day. 

Babe when I say we’ve been through so much I mean it. I know you can recall guys who’ve helped us grow in writing. You remember Collins Onyango, whose blog inspired us to create our own. Those days he was writing matters love and relationships (he no longer does that). In short he is the guy behind our blog, sindio sweetie? Take a glass of water and think about SUE VERSES A and how that post gave us traffic. Do you know the guy behind it? Ok, that was Collins Osanya, babe. You forget so fisrt these days! Colo circumcised and sharpened that post so well that it brought us so many visitors. Who else comes to your mind when you think about our journey in writing babe? Oh! You recall Jeannette, who always sacrificed her time to come over to tell us where we needed to improve? Babe, I’m just sorry that you left before appreciating these guys and a lot more folks who always shared our posts. 

Babe, because of my love for you, I promise to keep this house (blog) of ours active. I love you Compaq. 

Oh! Guys I’ve missed you so much.

Lots of love.  


6 thoughts on “I miss you, Compaq

  1. Hehe a person who’s not keen enough may fail to know the ‘Babe’ in this letter.
    Nimejilaumu sana that I moved on through the first three paragraphs before getting who the target was.
    Anyway, we missed you too.
    Greeeaat improvement

  2. Ha! Good stuff Achman, we still read you sana
    Keep up man
    And here I just died, “Colo
    circumcised and sharpened that post…”

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