What else?

​As a matter of fact (there’s a friend of mine who always begins his sentences with those five words), anyway as I was saying, as a matter of fact I have attended 1, 001 seminars and in all those seminars, believing in your dreams and ambitions has always been emphasized as a key pillar towards success. Yes. And by the way come to think of it, maybe some of us wouldn’t have been here if we didn’t look up to our ambitions. Though to some of us, these dreams keep dwindling each day. Like when I was young, I always yearned to be a pilot. Sitting in a cockpit (google it) and spending 80% of my time in the air was the biggest dream I ever had (just the way you people say you have dream-cars, dream-homes and dream-spouses). I didn’t even imagine I’d one day get a beautiful wife – all wives are beautiful – and have two or three or four kids, and love my gorgeous wife and kids so much, and buy my dad and mum a good car. Neither did I ever imagine that I’d some day love my wife so much to the extent I’d call her pet names like mama watoto in serious contexts. When I say serious contexts I mean contexts like the one below.

“Achman tell me we are spending the night here, together,” Sophie implores. 

“I’d have loved to but.. ”

“But what again, you know I’ve always loved you, honey!” (unbuttoning her blouse). 

“Please stop that Ma’.”

“Don’t call me Ma, just Sophie, please,” (bites her lower lip and sits on the table directly in front of him hardly 3cm away, to the extent he can feel her warmth and heartbeat).

“Ok, stop it Sophie.”

“Achman don’t you understand? I can’t sleep knowing very well you are just lying in this room alone. Just make me feel good tonight,”smiling. “Remember I planned this so we could come have fun.”

“I’m sorry Ma’ err Sophie…” his phone rings and interrupts. He grins and picks it up, “hi babe… missing you already… mmh the rooms are pretty good and I’m thinking we should spend the next holiday here… haha I know right?.. well, the last time I checked one looked bigger and sexier than the other, lol… today morning in the shower when you had applied soap in your face and closed your eyes, that was the only perfect time to check that out.. tihihi…” they talk and tease and laugh for over twenty minutes that when they hang up, it’s already 12 am. Hardly disconnected from the caller, Sophie extends her palm towards his chin.

“Wow!  That was so sexy,  a third of such a moment is all I need, Achman!” 

“I just can’t do that Sophie,” taking Sophie’s hand off his chin. 

“Consider your job, and a possible promotion,” now looking him in the eye. “Think, honey,” drifts her legs apart. 

” A a I” stammers, “I’m not doing this to mama watoto,” staring at the beautiful (wife’s) picture on his phone screen.  “It’s four years since we married and I’ve never played her. Please don’t make me do this.”

“Come on honey, all these just here for you,” gestures at now her bare torso. 

Those are the serious contexts I’m talking about, anyway yesterday I asked my guys their dream cars and I swear, if they all get to drive those big cars they dream about then I’ll as well proudly walk around and claim to be one of the most successful men to ever live. Yes!  Here’s is the reason, the mere fact that they live their dream (drive those big cars) will mean that among them, one will own a level five clinic somewhere in Westlands, another will own a lavish private school that runs from baby class to university, one will own a fleet of big matatus that will ply the Nairobi-Rongai route (matatus whose drivers will always pray that an ambulance surfaces so they can use it to evade traffic), another buddy will be the owner of the leading media house across East Africa and one will be the head of security in the African Union.  And me here (for example) will just be making unlimited trips in the air and will occasionally eavesdrop supremacy battle arguments between John the Baptist and Elijah since I’ll always be flying high in the skies, a few meters from heaven. So in case my son develops any sort of illness or I realize that my daughter has attained the right age to join school, I won’t have any reasons worry.

Oh!  Talking of dreams, there’s this guy.

It’s a fine Thursday afternoon. The office is quiet and devoid of people, save three or four interns who seem to be working on tasks assigned to them by their masters who’ve already left lest they get held up on traffic. Tonny looks across the room and  spots her seated over there. She arrests his attention for the next 179 seconds possibly figuring out how to attack. A minute later, he tucks in properly, clasps his belt, fastens his necktie, saves his work and minimizes that window, stands up, then walks over to her desk and whispers something into her ears. But our girl sneers, a clear indication she isn’t interested in the contents of Tonny’s whisper or she isn’t interested in the content deliverer. Either. But the latter suits here, given Tonny has been trying to pin her down over the last six months, all in vain. 

Tony studies Computer Science while our girl (Annette) is an IT student. Both from the same department at campus, they’ve had a good number of common units since first year from which they got to know each other. Though they’re now third years, they’ve only known each other for two years. They met in a matatu one morning on their way to school. When Tonny got into that mat and coincidentally sat next to her, she looked familiar. But Tonny isn’t the type of guys who sit next to you in a car and terrorize you throughout your travel in the name of ‘you look familiar.’ Cause after all, people resemble and you cannot go on stopping everybody in the streets just ati because you think they look familiar. So they both busied themselves with their phones and occasionally stole gazes at each other until they alighted and started walking towards the school gate. 

“Hi, have we met before?” Tonny finally speaks out. 

“Of course, we just shared a bus seat minutes ago.”

“I mean, your face looks familiar, and I swear I’ve seen this dazzling dress before. Could be we’ve interacted before.”

“Haha thank you, I’ve been figuring that out too.”

“In this digital era, everything is possible. maybe we’ve exchanged a good number of likes on instagram and in all these other places.”

“Haha, that’s also possible, what’s your name by the way?”

“Tonny, you?”


“Sawasawa, nice time.”

Later in the day, they met in a common unit class and smiles were exchanged. 

Tonny was so excited and thought they were meant to be together when he walked here and ran into Ann. It actually was a big surprise to realize he’d spend the next three internship months here with Annette, a girl he loved, working in the same office. Tonny has made numerous attempts to win this bird but the response remains the same: Annette wants a tall,  dark, well-build guy, a guy who knows how guitars are operated (musician), a guy whose relationship with money is something to proudly talk about in the public and of course a handsome gentleman. But from the sneer he’s just received, it’s evident that Ann never bends her rules as far as relationships and relationship goals are concerned. Tonny is no musician to start with. 

Tonny hates it when he spots her with other boys, but what can he do  about it? Perhaps forget and move on? OK, I also don’t know. He wants to one day find himself in serious discussions and refer to her as mama watoto. 

Tonny lands a job with the Kenya Revenue Authority three months after graduation, his salary, though little, doesn’t deter him from being diligent on his job. He is a smart guy and knows that everything has a starting point and that at one point he’ll be commanding millions of money. What’s more is he enjoys what he does. A year later, he’s just come from work (he currently stays in Lang’ata by the way). If you’ve lived in this part of Nairobi then you know how tiring it is to travel to town or back, given the many hours you spend on the road due to traffic congestion. Aki this story is so long that I have to tream it, which I’m doing right away. 

It’s 8 pm,  Tonny is lying on the coach when a strange number calls in. And because he hardly picks new number calls, he ignores but the persistence from the other end obliges him to receive it. The caller introduces herself as Ann and asks if he still remembers her. She goes on to regret how she ignored him all that long. Tonny remains a listener all through and only confirms his presence by answering questions like “are you there?” Ann proceeds and informs our guy how she’s dated tall,  dark, well-build guys, musicians and financially stable guys (her dream kind of husbands) but never got love from them. From this side, Tonny realizes Ann is sobbing and calms her because now what else should he do? 


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