April 15th

​April 15th comes loaded with goodies, successes, well wishes, and with chapos. You see, anything that comes packaged with chapos (and pilau) isn’t something to take for granted. 15th April is the only day Safaricom and KCB will text you wishing you a happy day yet they denied you a 250bob loan yesterday. This is the day you wake up to fifty texts, some from people you last talked to ten years ago, and a number of calls from people who think they care about you. It is also the day Mark Zuckerberg takes it to himself to remind the world to help you celebrate. 15th of April is the only day you wake up so overwhelmed you can’t even type a 200 words paragraph on your blog. It is only on such a day that you get time to reflect on your past successes and failures only to realize 98% of your life has been a success. It’s no wonder a good number of guys want to be like you yet they have no idea the tussles you go through. They have no idea you sleep at 1:30 a.m and wake up at 4:15 a.m daily, they have no idea you are a Godly chap and that your mum prays for you daily and si you people know the power of a mother’s prayer? They also have no clue you are a firstborn and all your siblings look up to you so you must just act up. 

Let me tell you something guys, there’s nothing in this world better than somebody knowing that you respect them. Anyway, all I’ve said can be summarised in one sentence: 15th April is the day this young man was born and we are so happy this side. You can read about it here. Meanwhile, I’m soooo grateful for your kind wishes, see you next week people. 


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