Stepping into 23

Because I hadn’t planned to write about this, I may forget a few things and people here and there and nobody should skin me for that. Moving on. Before I started writing this, I called mum and after the niceties, I asked her “Mum, you know tomorrow is the day I was born?” then she started laughing and laughing and laughing and I wanted to hold that call and dial my dad and say “Ah man! Now apart from all other qualities, I see what you saw in her,” and dad would ask “what I saw in who? Be clear!” “In your wife, she has a great sense of humor bana.” I would say. Then he’d look at his phone well to confirm who he’s talking to, and before he says anything, I’d ask “Bado kuna mwingine kama yeye huko kwao hata mimi nioe?” and he’d get pissed off and say “Ask her.” then he’d hang up as if I was consuming his airtime… Those are the silly things we write here.

Anyhow because birthdays are meant to reflect on the things we’ve achieved and whether we are growing (mentally and emotionally and not just physically), I’ll write about great people and good moments in my life the past year(s).

Old man and his missus

Now these two have been my strongest pillars of direction. Turning 23, I’ve never seen either of them shout at the other or raise a finger to the other. What else would you ask for? Enough!


Mwalimu thanks for everything. Around here, people say you love me so much. Hehe, can I remind you the first time we met? At Mugwere’s office when I was shifting from Applied to Journalism. But I didn’t even know you. Signs of a bad student, right? Then we met again during the fameco faculty rep interview, which I think I failed thoroughly. I’m told Collins Osanya and I tied. Oduk just walked away smiling that day. Thanks for the tough training and for the opportunities…


This is a great guy, GN (Geoffrey Nayema) will call you with a new number and only after talking for five minutes will you realize this is GN. Then you will say “Ah, kumbe ni wewe?” then start over your conversation properly. Guy introduced me to U Report (The Standard), then two years later, he again sent me an advert for Capital FM, among other writing gigs. But you see, GN, the problem with Capital FM is that you’ll bang a copy, DM the editor only for them to respond two to three weeks later telling you ‘your article has been published.’ Come on! Two weeks later! As much as we are here to get money, nobody wants such a job. That kills the motivation. Then juzi I ran into Ted in Rongai and he started telling me he’s proud of me cause he saw my name among the Top Contributors of U Report and in my head, I was burning to tell him “Man, you know that thing doesn’t even pay.” But it’s a good site for starters and budding writers. Then generally about writing, everybody wants you to write for them for exposure. WE HAVE BILLS TO PAY ANG girlfriends TO TAKE OUT!

Max and Ngure

Now any time GN comes to mind, these two guys have to skip in. Ngure was my assistant shift leader during my attachment at KTN, btw Ngure, I don’t know your English name. Do you even have one? Hehehe. There are times you are at the vision mixer and Ngure is doing his thing on the audio mixer, then when the show / bulletin has just started flowing smoothly and everybody in the gallery is now relaxed and discussing Uhunye and Baba, and you are the only guy monitoring what’s on air, you accidentally place your itchy fingers on the CAM 3 key and bam! The wrong footage is on air, then Ngure exclaims from the other side and the director asks “Ni nini Ngure!” and Ngure keeps quiet because you realised your mistake and returned the right thing on air looooooong ago. Then later on your way to have supper he asks “Unajua kitu ulifanya?” and you are like “Yeah man.” Then later he takes his time to take you through vision and Audio mixer. Thanks man. Gotea Chris na Mato na Miss-Babes.


Max (famously known as Gachemi). We were always left to operate the main studio (Atrium) alone. Max trusted me. He typically left everything to me, anchors would walk in with their guests and Gachemi would ask, “Nikusaidie ama utawa-mic wote?” then I’d count the guests and say “Ah, ni watatu tu, ntawashughulikia.” then he’d say sawa and operate the jib camera. Then there are times akina Kepha and Shem and Jacob didn’t come to arrange the set, so Max would go arrange and shout “HAPO IKO SAWA ACHOKA?” then I’d shout “HAPANA SONGESHA HIYO KITI HUKU KIDOGO,” then he’d continue until I said HAPO SAWA SASA. Gachemi, thanks. All the best in your new station.

Davy & Okello (Always walked together)

These two are the guys that dare you to face and conquer your fears. They would find you practising the jib camera and will say, “Sasa leo ni wewe uta-operate hiyo jib,” and you will go like “man siwezifanya jib on air,” then they’ll both laugh and say “wacha uoga kijana.” Three minutes later, you’ll hear Joan (director) say “Haya jib tayarisha outrow shot yako,” and you’ll start panicking. “Kuna mtu kwa jib?” Joan would ask again but because you fear the jib, you’d keep quiet. Then Davy would look at you, laugh and respond “Eeh, kuna mtu kwa jib.” Then, miraculously, you’d swing that jib and give a fairly nice shot. Then you’d sigh and they’d look at you again and ask “Sasa si umefanya? Wacha uoga!” Then Okello would remind you not to use mic 8. Hehehe, Davy and Okello, thanks men. Alafu Daudi, we have UNFINISHED BUSINESS.


There’s this good musician cum pianist called Lisiola Mbira Justus (hehe I know all your names bro). There are people I still meet and they tell me I am a good pianist and I keeping laughing because I don’t know a single key on that thing – because they think I am you. I still remember while in form three I decided to quit the Sigalame School choir and you guys were so mad at me.Tell Fundiz we need to start an Alumnus choir or even something bigger based in Nairobi, music still runs deep in my veins. While teaching in Sigalame in 2015, I remember some TP saying tunafanana and our walking styles too are similar, then later on discovering that we share a birthday! Coincidence really! Happy birthday by the way. I have turned 23, wewe umefikisha ngapi leo?


Now if you are keen, this is the first chic mentioned so far. Purity is a great friend. Girl calls me and we talk and talk and talk until I have to find an excuse to hang up her call and do other things. She’s called Purity Ajiambo, went to Lwanya girls. You know her? Purity, do you want people to know your relationship status? Hehehe.


Then there are those cousins I run to any time I run into a money crisis, say the kid needs pumpers or some hunny needs a treat (pizza and stuff). Hahaha see your life, who told you I have a wife or kid? Shindwe! Anyway, Edu (Sonko) thanks. There’s this time when I was a fresha, I had three hunnies in the same compound and nobody else apart from the two of us knew about it. Hahaha, it’s a bro thing! Thanks for everything bana, alafu tell Sheila and Esther and everybody, I appreciate their hospitality.

Fayee & Jess

Haha, Fayee you had to appear here. This is the friend that you wake up at 2 am then you tell yourself ‘nafeel tu kusumbua mtu sai,’ then you pick your phone and call. You hear her say “Sasa wewe ni nini unapigia watu simu usiku” then you click and ask “Kwani wewe hujalala?” Then you hang up. Then there’s Jess, Jessica Kinoti. I was that guy that would don official leather shoes on weekends and walk around head high like a jogoo, then Jess happened and I stopped. Jess you need to call me ASAP. Then there’s Muchai, thanks for checking on me once in a while btw. I know I have a bad habit of not texting people but at least you always remember me. Btw I have a weakness, I sometimes hardly text or call people but provided you can still see my dp, and provided I occasionally view your Whatsapp status or like your facebook posts, we are still great friends. Then there’s Albright. Jaoko you are a great soul, but wedding nisipokuja ujue tunakosana. Mudaki baba, toka Western. And of course the gang here and everyone I’ve not mentioned.

Nyambura Gitonga, you celebrated your 21st birthday jana, right? I saw you email notification circa 10 and brushed through it quickly. Happy belated birthday.

We are already at 1,500 words and I beg to stop there. If you can make round kick ass chapos do that and hit me up. There are habits that I’m still carrying over to 23.


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